Our Philosophy:

We believe that life is meant to be lived to its fullest. We also believe:
• All people are connected.
• Experiencing, through introspection, alignment of inner values with actions,
  enriches our lives.
• We provide the opportunity to clarify, understand and act in harmony with others
  and the environment.
• We provide the opportunity to heal and prosper through guided interaction with an
  Interlude coach.

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What our work means for your Business:
Our coaches can help create the environment that encourages a person or a business team to develop strategic and operational plans for change. Within this environment, plans can be created, tested and defined in such a way as to provide measurable returns. Using the talent and insight of the leadership, a company may move to the next levels envisioned by all of its stakeholders and employees.• We believe that when the employees, company leadership and the customers are
aligned and working together, the company will prosper.

• Interlude coaches can help individuals and teams understand the importance of
  Emotional Intelligence, honesty and creative input that will bring efficiency and a
  high quality product to the marketplace.
• Interlude coaches can influence issues that might be causing division and/or
  disruption in a business allowing for the possibility of corrective action that will
  benefit the company and the persons involved.

Interlude will provide a forum/opportunity where a person or a group can use their intuitive understanding to address the need for change. Interlude coaches can help support decisions to improvise, test, create and define the future. A person or groups intentional decisions will lead to actions which lead to transformation.

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